Frequently asked questions.

What type of program is the West Texas Boys Ranch?

The West Texas Boys Ranch is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services as a General Residential Operation and provides an integrated living environment for boys 11-17 years of age. The West Texas Boys Ranch is a Christian-based program which provides a basic to moderate level of care as defined by the Service Level Definition of the State of Texas.

Where is West Texas Boys Ranch located?

The West Texas Boys Ranch (10223 Boys Ranch Road, San Angelo, Texas, 76904) is located about 12 miles West of San Angelo.

How long do boys stay at West Texas Boys Ranch?

12 months.

How are the boys referred to West Texas Boys Ranch?

The majority of the boys are referred by parents or family legal guardians. Members in the community are also able to make referrals; I.E. Churches, schools, counselors, friends and family members. Juvenile probationers are able to make referrals as well.

Is placement at West Texas Boys Ranch voluntary?

Yes. Custodial parents or guardians submit an application on behalf of the boy. After an initial interview, a boy must agree to admission and participation in the program.

Does West Texas Boys Ranch provide counselors?

We refer the boys to West Texas Counseling and Guidance within the first 30 days of placement. We can also refer the boys to a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) for minor substance use.

Is the West Texas Boys Ranch a substance abuse treatment program?

No. WTBR provides basic to moderate level care for boys ages 11-17. Any boy that requires in-patient services must successfully complete the in-patient treatment program before being considered for admission to the West Texas Boys Ranch.

How are the cottages set up at West Texas Boys Ranch?

The cottages are designed so each boy has their own room. Each room has a Jack & Jill bathroom. Each cottage serves up to eight boys and is staffed full-time with cottage parents who offer guidance for the boys in care.

Does the West Texas Boys Ranch provide therapeutic services to boys with severe emotional disturbances or physical disabilities?

No. West Texas Boys Ranch is licensed by the State of Texas as a basic, residential childcare facility. It is not staffed or equipped to provide therapeutic services to young men with high levels of emotional disturbance or physical disability.

Where do the boys attend school while living at West Texas Boys Ranch?

The boys attend the San Angelo Independent School District: Bonham Elementary, Lone Star Middle School and Central High School.

Do the boys get to visit their families?

Yes, we require mandatory home visits. These will be in the summer, thanksgiving, winter break and spring break. Each month there is not a mandatory home visit; the boys have the opportunity to go on a weekend visit.

Is there a cost for placement at West Texas Boys Ranch?

We do ask the family to pay $300 per month, but if that is not doable we can negotiate. If the child is receiving child support or SSI, that will take place of a monthly payment.

Does the West Texas Boys Ranch accept young men from other states?

Yes, but it is limited. The West Texas Boys Ranch accepts young men from Louisiana, Arkansa, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas.

What age range does West Texas Boys Ranch accept?

We accept young men ages 11-17

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