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Counseling Care

The West Texas Boys Ranch offers several programmatic components that are designed to cultivate healthy emotional and psychological development of the children in our care. Often, boys coming to the Ranch have experienced deficits in their emotional and behavioral development and our programs are geared to address these issues. Our therapeutic milieu is based on a cognitive-behavioral approach in which the child is provided opportunities to make better choices, and learns more adaptive skills through natural consequences. The Level system is a tool for staff to use in helping the boys reach and maintain acceptable levels of behavior, internalize positive values, and identify areas of strength as well as areas which need improvement.


Case management services are provided to all boys in care and it is through the Caseworker that family contact is maintained, parenting education is provided tailored to the needs of each family, and referrals are made when appropriate for family members. Caseworkers maintain regular contact with family members and are available for conferences and consultation when needed or requested.


The Educational Coordinator serves as the liaison between the Ranch and the school system to ensure that every aspect of the boy's education is supported towards the goal of maximum academic and extra-curricular performance. Through constant communication between the school, the Coordinator, the Caseworker, and the Cottage Parents, the boys often have a level of success they have never before experienced.


Individual therapy is provided to boys when deemed appropriate by the treatment team and approved by the family. Boys in counseling are seen approximately once a week, usually for a six month period, although some boys may require regular counseling during the entire course of their stay at the Ranch. In addition, all staff are trained to provide informal counseling in the variety of settings which offer those unique opportunities for growth and understanding in a boy's life-in the Cottage, on the Ranch grounds, in the animal programs, and during the many activities available at the Ranch. All activities are designed to translate normal living experiences into therapeutic teaching moments, allowing the boys to develop to their maximum potential.